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Foto: Arpones de hueso

They used neckless and red, black and white paintings, depending of the ocassion.

All this details would have important simbolic significations.

Corporal Paintings

Foto: Abuela Rosa, joven, pintada por su madrina. GusindeBoth sexs would like to adorn themselves with paintings, necklaces, brecelets and ankle supports. The paintings could cover the face, the body and sometimes other members. The colors that would be used were the red one, the white and the black, creating simple designs based on rays and points very varied. The face and corporal painting formed part of many rituals and norms of courtesy. In addition it was used to communicate moods or the circunstances in which was its carrier.


Foto: Niñas Yagan (mediados del s. XX )

In general, the forms of the baskets are similar, made oval and with handles, but the warps cause that they are different in his flexibility or rigidity, and the sealed thing or opening of his structure. The baskets were used by the women to transport resources that collected of the sea and the forest. In the beach they joined mejillones, mauchos and other seafood, and in the forest they collected fruits and fungus.La small and modest basketwork locks up a kindness message.

It means that those things that they collect, were not for their own consum, but for conserving, tranfering and distributing to the others groups.